Full-Stack Web Design

Post I made internally at Automattic the other day: One of the oft-overlooked aspects of doing creative-type work (this includes developers and basically everyone at Automattic) is that we basically never stop. Working, that is. I’ve found that even when cruising mentally at a solid “I’m-at-the-mall-with-my-parents-and-my-kids” kind of… Read more →

Alfa Romeo 2000 Sportiva Coupe (1954)

goodoldvalves: Alfa Romeo 2000 Sportiva Coupe (1954) I keep forgetting how much I love the Sportiva Coupe. It’s probably due to the fact that we don’t see much of it, after all, only 4 units were built. Still, that is no excuse to forget about it, since these… Read more →

Embarrassing Debate

“Graphic design is often important in web design, but only as one component of web design’s requirements. If you stop at the .psd you’ve stopped well before midpoint in the design. The graphic designer who lacks html/css skill is insufficiently prepared as a web designer. A designer… Read more →

Because I like doing lists.

Start writing real blog post (none of this Tumblr shit) Ooh, I should totally use a featured image. Head off to Flickr to find an image I’ve taken that I can use. There is no New York photoset. How do I not have a New York photoset? Create New… Read more →

I don't even know what to call something like this.

Finish CSS issue X. Rethink how the entire bit X is a part of works. Change the entire bit X is a part of. Introduce new display issue Y separate from issue X. Dig through framework from top-down in order to figure out issue Y. This takes a while, like… Read more →

Cleverness as opposed to wisdom

Corporations are getting better and better at seducing us into thinking the way they think—of profits as the telos and responsibility as something to be enshrined in symbol and evaded in reality. Cleverness as opposed to wisdom. Wanting and having instead of thinking and making. We cannot stop it.… Read more →